This guide has been designed to provide you with the information you need whilst you are engaged as a Huntswood associate. It includes some key information as well as links to policies, procedures and general information on how Huntswood works with our associates.

Below you will find an overview of the information available within this guide. You can access the information you require by clicking the appropriate links.

We hope that you will find this information useful. If, at any time, you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. 

Information on how to get in touch can be found here

Contracting – An Overview

As a Huntswood associate, you will be delivering services through an umbrella company or through your own personal services company (“PSC”). To explain what this means, we have provided an overview of contracting under each model, including contract structure, invoicing and payment terms:

Contracting through an umbrella company

Contracting Model: Umbrella

Contracting through a PSC

Contracting Model: PSC

It is your responsibility to ensure you have either a PSC or umbrella company arrangement in place before you start work on an engagement. You will not normally be able to change this arrangement until the end of your initial contract period.

Associate Principles

Our associates are key to the delivery of successful client engagements. As such, Huntswood expects its associates to adhere to a number of basic principles, designed to secure your reputation as a reliable associate by aligning with Huntswood’s core values.

Huntswood Associate Principles

Life as an ASSOCIATE

You may be wondering what will be expected of you when you are delivering services. We have compiled some key information which will help guide you in your role and explain a little bit about the “day-to-day” operation. You can find this information by clicking on the links below:

Working Remotely

Huntswood has seen an increase in the number of client requests for engagements to be delivered remotely. We are committed to ensuring that we are able to provide our clients with the standard of service they expect whilst at the same time ensuring that our associates have everything they need to safely and effectively work from home. We have compiled some key information to support you whilst providing services remotely. You can find this information by clicking on the links below:

Ending an Engagement

There are a number of reasons why your engagement may come to an end. The engagement may come to a natural end, you may choose to leave, the services may be completed earlier than expected or the client may feel that your skills would be better suited in a different role. Whilst the contract under which you provide your services details the reasons why and how an engagement may come to an end, we have put together a summary to help decipher the legal terms. This summary can be found here.

Contacting Huntswood

Once your engagement has started, any queries or concerns that you have should typically be raised to your line manager. However, there will be times that you have questions or concerns and are not sure where to go. In order to point you in the right direction, you can find details of how to get in touch with Huntswood here.

There are also certain situations which you need to tell Huntswood about. Information on the following situations can be found by clicking the relevant link below:

Huntswood Policies

As a Huntswood associate, you are required to adhere to Huntswood’s policies and/or the client’s policies. Find more detail about Huntswood’s policies and how to access them.