Recently, Huntswood has seen an increase in the number of client requests for engagements to be delivered remotely. We are committed to ensuring that we can provide our clients with the standard of service they expect whilst at the same time ensuring that our associates have everything they need to safely and effectively work from home.

To that end, you will have been sent a copy of our Remote Working Policy. As with any Huntswood or client policy, you are required to comply with this policy which is subject to change as required.

This module relates to the location from where you will be providing the services.


Having a suitable home working environment is a requirement to delivering the services remotely.

Huntswood expects that you will only provide the services from your identified working environment. You must notify your Team Leader (TL) / Operations Manager (OM) if the location from which you will be delivering the services will change, even if only temporarily. Huntswood will consider the request and notify you whether this has been approved.

You are required to adhere to the security and data protection requirements outlined in the Remote Working Policy AT ALL TIMES including, but not limited to, working from a private environment.

Finally, it is expected that you will be providing the services from within the UK at all times.


Your working environment must be secure. Having a secure working environment means that the location from where you are providing the services is private and no client or Huntswood information is accessible to anyone other than you. This includes information:

  • in written form,
  • visible on your monitor, or
  • spoken.

You must comply with Huntswood’s Client Information Security Policy at all times, as well as any written instruction from Huntswood’s client in relation to processing of information. Huntswood’s Client Information Security Policy can be accessed here.

Below is a list of some practical steps which you can take to ensure your working environment is secure.

  • Ensure the space you work in is free of distraction and private. If you are speaking with a customer or other individual, ensure that no one within your working environment can overhear you.
  • Use headphones/microphones during calls to minimise the risk that someone can overhear your conversations.
  • Use screen protectors to minimise the risk of information being seen by family members or visitors
  • Do not make written notes relating to any information processed or accessed during the provision of the services.
  • Do not print any documents without the prior written consent of Huntswood.
  • Any paper related to the services must be stored securely (e.g. in a locked cabinet) to maintain confidentiality of information from members of the family or visitors.
  • Do not place sensitive material or personal data in standard rubbish or recycling bins. Such material must be disposed of using office based shredding equipment or other means. If you need to dispose of material, speak with your TL/OM who can provide guidance.
  • IT equipment provided to you by Huntswood and/or the client may only be used by you.
  • Be aware of and mitigate any physical security dangers and risks associated with your working environment. If you are concerned that a risk may exist, please discuss it with your TL/OM who will confirm whether your working environment is secure or needs to change.
  • Access/authentication tokens and personal identification numbers must be kept in a separate location to the IT equipment.
  • When not in use, IT equipment should be locked in a secure location.
  • When left unattended, the computer keyboards should be locked, even if only momentarily.
  • Passwords should be secure.

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