Recently, Huntswood has seen an increase in the number of client requests for engagements to be delivered remotely. We are committed to ensuring that we can provide our clients with the standard of service they expect whilst at the same time ensuring that our associates have everything they need to safely and effectively work from home.

To that end, you will have been sent a copy of our Remote Working Policy. As with any Huntswood or client policy, you are required to comply with this policy which is subject to change as required.

This module relates to what Huntswood expects from you as a remote working associate.


We want you to be supported and able to make working from home something that is of benefit to you and to the client. To that end, further to the Remote Working Policy, when working from home you should also consider the following:

  • You must adhere to all relevant client and Huntswood policies to allow working from home
  • Be available through normal communication channels throughout the course of your working day. This may include providing your personal mobile phone number
  • Be ready for work prior to your start time
  • Minimise any distractions within your environment
  • Check in with your Team Leader (TL) / Operations Manager (OM) daily to confirm you are present and working
  • You may need to demonstrate how you are working throughout the day
  • Attend meetings if requested and relevant. Adhere to online meeting etiquette, including, dressing appropriately, managing your surroundings, going on hold when not active, using your camera, indicating when you want to participate
  • Every piece of work is different, and you may be asked to do different things, so please be responsive to requests from the client and from your TL/OM
  • Ensure you are aware of who is designated to provide support to you, including your TL, trainers, quality checkers/experts, and IT Support
  • You may be requested to change your working patterns to fit in with client requirements
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your work environment is secure. Refer to the Working from Home – Secure Working Environment module for further information. 
  • It will often be your responsibility to collect and return IT equipment. Refer to the Working from Home – IT Equipment module for further information
  • Your activities and behaviours should be of the same standard as if you were working beside your TL/OM in an office
  • The onus is on you to make your workspace work. Speak with your TL/OM if you have any concerns or things aren’t quite how you would like them

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