The term “conflict of interest” refers to where your interests and the interests of Huntswood and/or the client are at odds with each other.

None of the information received during our business dealings may be used for personal gain or any purpose except that for which it is given.

Huntswood recognises that there may be times when your personal relationships may be perceived as a conflict of interest. For clarity, there is can be a thin line between a conflict of interest and a personal conflict.

Conflict of Interest

Personal Conflicts

Personal relationships with other group employees/customers


Business relationships with the group and its customers

Civil partnership

External appointments/directorships

Close personal friendship

Any third party / CMC relating to financial services

Family relationship

The Huntswood Personal Relationships at Work policy provides further detail and is applicable to all Huntswood associates. The Personal Relationships at Work Policy can be accessed here. If you think you may be involved in an activity or relationship which could be in conflict with the business dealings of Huntswood and/or the client, it is important that you notify Huntswood through your Team Leader / Operations Manager.

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