As a Huntswood associate, you will likely be managing personal data, which is any data that can identify a living individual, including notes and call recordings. For a detailed definition of personal data please refer to the Data Protection Policy. Below is an overview of best practices in how to manage personal data.

  • Confidentiality is key –Personal data should always remain confidential, a good place for guidance is the Data Protection Policy and the ICO website -
  • All Associates must complete the required level of data protection training as set out by the client
  • Confidential waste must be placed in the confidential waste bins that are located throughout the business. If working from home no paper should be produced, however any notes must be securely destroyed. Please speak to your team leader or operations manager to discuss the secure destruction of notes. Remember that we have a clear desk policy – use lockable cabinets and pedestals for overnight storage and when data is not in use, even if working from home
  • Passwords – keep them safe. Do not share or write them down. Remember that you are responsible for everything that is done under your username
  • Lock your screen when away from your desk
  • Do not send data outside of the UK without speaking to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) first
  • Breaches must be reported- either direct to the client or to Huntswood at
  • Ensure data is saved to the correct location, do not save to your desktop as this will not be backed up
  • Follow the client’s retention schedule, data should not be kept for longer than is necessary
  • Only collect the data you need – data must be relevant and not excessive
  • Personal data sent outside of the business domain must be password protected

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