As an associate your aim will be to secure further work once a contract ends as often as possible.

There are a number of things you can do to secure your reputation as a reliable associate. Below are just a few of the things that may help ensure you are sought after for future work.


You should approach each assignment with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and a desire to give your best each and every day.

You will be contracted to complete a task or a series of tasks, to meet set targets and/or expectations within stated deadlines. It is your responsibility to hit these and you will be expected to work the hours required.

You will be expected to pick processes up quickly and adapt to different company cultures.


Whether in the office or when working from home and visible by webcam, your appearance matters. We ask that you adopt a business dress code when working in the office and a smart casual dress code when at home but are visible. Any changes to this will be shared with you either in your joining instructions or by your line manager.


You should exhibit professionalism in line with the client’s culture and process.


We are looking for people who are 100% committed to seeing out the engagement that they have been contracted to. Due to the investment involved in training and the route to competency you will go through at the beginning of an engagement – we do not expect associates to leave an engagement early.

This means that we and our clients are looking for people to stay for at least the initial contract term and if it extends we would like you to take the extension.


You may be asked to undertake new or unfamiliar tasks in your engagement, which is why many clients choose to work with the adaptable associates that Huntswood can provide. If you have any queries on the requirements of your role, you can find information on who to contact in the Getting in Touch section.

Huntswood Values


We believe that our associates are the key to delivery of successful Huntswood client engagements. As such, we expect our associates, whether they are case handlers, administrators or managers to embrace and emulate our values when providing their services.

Our values are to be:

  • Dependable – confidential, reliable and genuine
  • Driven – dynamic, passionate and determined
  • Collaborative – friendly, compassionate and cooperative

Life as An Associate

This section provides a practical guide to life as an associate on a Huntswood Client Engagement, setting out our expectations and expected conduct


Initially your relationship with Huntswood is managed by our Resourcing department. Once you have been selected for an engagement, your relationship is passed to our People Screening team who complete the referencing and vetting checks.

Following the successful completion of referencing and vetting, and you have started working on your assigned engagement, your relationship is managed through our delivery team. Finally, once you complete working on an engagement your interactions will revert to our Resourcing team.


Reputation is everything. As an associate, you are representing Huntswood and your attitude, behaviour and professionalism reflects on yourself, Huntswood and our clients.


All communication whether written or verbal with clients or other Huntswood associates should be professional and representative of Huntswood and client values.

Any questions, issues or concerns should be raised in a professional manner and in-line with the appropriate escalation process.


Associates are expected to present themselves professionally in appropriate attire in line with any policy that is in place for the location you are working. On occasions where the client does have “dress down” days associates should wear appropriate casual dress for an office environment.

For those working on Huntswood sites further detail please refer to the Dress and Appearance Policy which can be found here.

If you are working from home but will be visible to customers or clients via a webcam we ask that you adopt a smart casual dress code.


It is a legal requirement that all enclosed workplaces in the United Kingdom are smoke free and all colleagues have a right to work in a smoke free environment.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire workplace in both Huntswood and client premises, including all entrances to buildings, with exception only to the designated shelter/smoking areas. All cigarettes should be extinguished in the receptacles provided in the designated area, not on the floor.

Electronic, simulated smoking materials (cigarettes, pipes, cigars) are prohibited from use at all times except in the designated areas.

Huntswood does not endorse or permit the use of any item which could insinuate that smoking is permitted on the premises.

When working from home we ask you to refrain from smoking or using E-cigarettes whilst on the phone or on camera.

The link to the Huntswood Smoking Policy can be found here.


On some client engagements office spaces are treated as secure zones where mobile phones are not permitted. Where this is the case lockers may be provided to store phones.

Personal calls are permitted to be made/received during your break in designated areas. No calls or electronic messages are to be made or received whilst at your desk or walking through the building.

Managers may use their mobile phones providing it is for business use only, if permitted by the client.


The illegal use of drugs and consumption of alcohol or ‘being under the influence of’ whilst at work is prohibited at all times, this includes whilst working at home.

Any associate found contravening these policies will be removed from the project.

The link to the Huntswood Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy can be found here.

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