Team Leaders are responsible for managing the production and quality of delivery teams.

The Operations Manager (where in place) is responsible for running an engagement/programme ensuring productivity and quality meets client requirements.

Huntswood Engagement Manager/Senior Deliver Manager (EM)/(SDM) has overall responsibility for the client engagement, ensuring that the associates are supported to fulfil the role, and that they work to meet the client expectation.

Your manager may be contracted by Huntswood or be employed by the client.

Managers will:

  • Manage a team of associates/permanent employees
  • Monitor and ensure that productivity and quality targets are met. They will work with you to take corrective action to address any concerns where they believe you will be able to comply with the requirements after being provided support
  • Provide coaching and feedback where required, using a Service Improvement Plan (SIP) where necessary
  • Review and approve your timesheet
  • Manage absence requests
  • Be your main point of contact during your time on the engagement
  • Role model the behaviour and requirements highlighted in this guide
  • Terminate the contracts for the provision of associates who are unable to deliver to the client’s expectations

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