At Huntswood, our focus is your relationship with your customers. Whether we are providing operational services or helping you set up your business to deliver consistently great outcomes, our ethos is the same.

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Wealth and Asset Management


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Understanding the importance of customer trust in your brand is paramount for us. We focus entirely on ensuring our solutions are tailored to reflect your commitments and your unique needs. All whilst continually enhancing customer satisfaction and reinforcing your credibility.

As a partner that is well-versed in navigating regulatory obligations, we ensure compliance while upholding integrity. By adhering to ethical practices, we maintain transparency and trust with both customers and regulators.

We know results matter. In measuring success we leverage operational and customer insights from within our business and yours to provide for unique contextualised outcomes. We continuously improve our operations and refine our strategies to meet evolving market dynamics and customer expectations.

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Our wide range of expertise enables us to provide comprehensive end-to-end services for your customers, including:

  • Full, omni-channel business process outsourcing including all support services
  • The provision of skilled resources to work under your management
  • Advisory and assurance services covering a vast range of internal functions and governance-related themes
  • Continuous improvement and the use of technology and automation (advice / assurance or directly implemented as part of an outsourced arrangement)
  • Learning and development (standalone and as part of an operational outsource)
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Strategic partner

As a strategic partner, we are dedicated to delivering outcomes that propel your business forward. The range of services we are currently delivering to globally recognised institutions and rapidly growing businesses alike include:

  • Inbound and outbound customer services / contact centre
  • End-to-end complaints resolution
  • Collections and financial assistance
  • Back-office support (as part of our customer-facing services or as a standalone service)
  • Regulatory review, recommendations, operating model remediation and assurance (including specific focus on regulatory directives such as Consumer Duty)
  • Past business review and customer remediation


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Resourcing expertise

Huntswood’s team of over 30 resourcing experts, our database of 20,000+ highly skilled financial services professionals and our fully bespoke referencing and vetting capability ensures top-tier resource quality.

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Insight and support

Our market-leading Advisory practice comprises experts across all financial services sectors and disciplines and provides the insight and support you need to continue to deliver the highest quality services.

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Flexible working solutions empower our workforce with proven remote, hybrid and in-office options.

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Bespoke case management, workforce management and workflow automation tools ensure we are able to run and consistently enhance our clients’ operations.

Case study:

Tackling a large BAU complaint backlog for a major retail bank; Undertaking a remediation exercise impacting 180,000 customers

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