Here at Huntswood we strive to protect the planet, to ensure our current and future generations can prosper.

To mitigate the impact we have on the environment, we understand the importance of measuring our carbon footprint. We value providing transparency to our clients and have undertaken disclosures for our clients through EcoVadis and the Climate Disclosure Programme (CDP).

We are proud to announce we have calculated our Scope 3 emissions for our UK operations and have ambition to extend this to all of our operations.

Huntswood pledges a commitment to achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2030 across our UK operations and by 2050 across all of our operations. In 2024, we propose to set validated science-based targets under the SBTi Corporate Net Zero Standard.

Phase 1: Measuring and Mitigating

We believe sustainable practice is integral to our operations, we ensure this through:

Renewable electricity p

Certified 100% renewable electricity for all of our UK sites

Passive infrared lighting p

Ongoing installation of passive infrared (PIR) lighting sensors and LED lighting in our UK facilities

AV equipment p

Installation of AV equipment in meeting rooms to encourage a reduction in commuting and business travel

E Signature platforms p

Use of eSignature platforms for secure, paper-free documentation

Energy efficiency p

Optimal use of office space to increase energy efficiency, including manual control over server room air conditioning to avoid unnecessary usage

Environmental reporting p

Regular internal reporting on business travel, remote working, and printer use on an individual level to raise environmental awareness and drive reductions

Environmental risk register p

Maintaining an environmental risk register with a suitable management plan

Sustainable Development Goals p

An ongoing internal environmental campaign underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adopted a hybrid flexible working style. We have utilised this opportunity to boost employee and energy performance through reducing operational space in our offices, increasing online meetings between our offices to reduce business travel, and promoting in-person collaboration in office to reduce time spent on computers.

Phase 2: Progression and Partnerships

Clear communication is at the heart of what we do at Huntswood. We aspire to extend that to the full breadth of those partners that enable the business to operate, both up and down our supply chain.

Abbey g kings rd


Through our property strategy we have created an environmental credential standard we require our future offices to adhere to, including:

  • Modern double glazing
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • EV charging points
  • Bike storage facilities

We have ongoing discussions with our facility managers in South Africa regarding the installation of solar panels to aid our transition to 100% company-wide renewable electricity.

Smcr workshop

Supplier and Employee Engagement:

We will continue to develop our cooperation with our suppliers and employees to ensure:

  • We verify our Net-Zero pledge in accordance with the SBTi Corporate Net-Zero Standard
  • Carbon emissions are accurately reported up and down our supply chain, providing high-granularity emissions data from all our operations
  • Identify opportunities to engage in volunteering / collaborations with local communities to support sustainability
  • Integrate climate consideration into the firm's decision making
  • Engage employees with sustainable practices, such as offering discounts for public transport commuting and internal competitions
  • Introduce mandatory employee training in climate science and sustainability


Charitable giving is part of everyday life at Huntswood.

We are committed to raising money to support our local community through our nominated charity, the Berkshire Community Foundation.

The Berkshire Community Foundation raise funds for, and make grants to, local charities and community groups addressing identified need across Berkshire. They use their local knowledge to connect supporters to the groups and communities they want to help, making sure their donations are effective and bring the greatest benefit to those most in need. Last year, they gave over £950,000 to a wide range of local projects, addressing issues such as child poverty, mental health, loneliness and isolation and homelessness.

We take part in a range of fundraising activities throughout the year – from bake-offs, to sponsored walks and everything in between!

We are a keen supporter of other causes too, some of which include the Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract, the Twyford Scouts and Community Centre, Jeans for Genes, the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation and the Royal Opera House. We've also raised in excess of £54,000 for our previous nominated charity, Daisy’s Dream.

Simply put, we take great pride in actively campaigning and fundraising for great causes and enjoy participating in community events.


At Huntswood, we encourage our employees to use one of their working days each year to take part in charitable activities, such as volunteering to support local charity events or providing free support to the local community (by providing CV writing and interview tips to youth groups, painting fences or wrapping Christmas presents, for example).

We know that it takes more than just money to make a real difference in the community which is why we commit to enabling our employees to use their time and skills for the benefit of others.