Whether you work on a Huntswood site or a client site you will be provided with a security pass to access the office. This should be kept on your person at work and displayed at all times whilst on site. Passes should be removed when outside of the office. Any lost or forgotten passes should be reported immediately. Recently, Huntswood has seen an increase in the number of client requests for engagements to be delivered remotely, if you are working from home please follow the appropriate guidelines for Working From Home, which can be accessed here.


You will also be provided with a username and password to access the different IT systems that you will be using. These should only be used by you and it is forbidden to share your password with anyone else. Passwords should never be written down.

No data or training material should be removed from the workplace, either physically or electronically, and any material that you have should be locked away when not in use. Confidential waste bins are provided for confidential material to be disposed of. This should not be placed in normal waste/recycling bins.

At no time should the client’s internal systems be used to check or review personal account details or those of anyone who could be deemed to have a personal/business relationship or for personal/ commercial gain.

Computer screens must be locked at all times when you move away from your desk and passwords to systems should never be shared as actions taken whilst logged in will be the responsibility of the account holder.

All personal and confidential information must be locked away at the end of the working day. Any material printed during working hours should be locked away or disposed of as appropriate in the confidential waste bins provided.


Be conscious and aware of any reference you make to the work you are doing or the client that you are working for on social media and be conscious of the confidential nature of the work.

You must not disclose or refer to business information (including key IT systems and processes), locations (e.g. data centres) or details relating to clients, customers, partners or suppliers.

All confidential information relating to Huntswood’s relationship with suppliers must be respected. This is to include all social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other information sharing forum. You will have been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement confirming adherence to this.

Huntswood’s Social Media Policy applies to all associates and can be found in the ‘Policy’ section of this guide.


If you are working on a client site be sure to familiarise yourself with the client’s security policies. If you work on a Huntswood site, there are 2 key policies that you should read that set out our approach. These policies can be accessed by selecting the links below:

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