Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Your team leader will ensure that you are aware of:

  • The Health & Safety Policy (on Huntswood sites the Huntswood policy applies – see ‘Policy’ section in this guide, on client sites the client’s policy applies)
  • Fire wardens, fire exits, alarms and extinguisher and evacuation locations
  • First aiders and the location of the first aid box
  • How to report an accident or health and safety incident

Your on-site manager should ensure that a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment is undertaken when you start and in most circumstances for anyone moving desk. If you are working from home Huntswood will instigate the DSE assessment. This should ensure that you have an understanding of posture and positioning of equipment and that it is not impacting your health. It enables the identification of issues so that reasonable adjustments, for example wrist rests or raising of monitors can be undertaken. For those umbrella associates working from home, Huntswood will work with your employer to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made as appropriate.

You are encouraged to inform your line manager during the induction process of any medical conditions that they should be aware of, including any injuries that would restrict leaving the building in an emergency to enable a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) to be developed.

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