As markets evolve, regulation naturally becomes more complex. Supervision and enforcement becomes more confrontational and intensive to match. Balancing performance and innovation with regulatory compliance in this environment has become a real challenge for many firms.

Huntswood can help you turn compliance into advantage. With our decades of experience in regulated spaces, and the backing of our panel of experts and ex-regulators, we can help you make sense of the complexity, no matter if you're in financial services, utilities, or another regulated marketplace.


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We are there every step of the way, ensuring your business is prepared, meets all prescribed deadlines and expectations, and delivers improved customer experiences. We do this by:

Reviewing your business in line with regulatory focus to ensure you are on the front-foot, with a clear view of any potential areas of risk
Delivering regulatory change programmes to make sure your business delivers to the regulator’s timescales
Providing ongoing assurance and quality checking activities to provide evidence of your continued compliance
Using our operational expertise to design and implement practical and customer-focused solutions

We are supported by our specialist Advisory Panel, made up of industry experts with decades of combined experience in regulatory, governmental and industry bodies. They provide significant value to the solutions we deliver to clients.

Why Huntswood

  • Our team of ex-regulators and experts will help you reduce regulatory risk in the most pragmatic, clear and cost-efficient way possible
  • Receive ongoing assurance that your business is compliant and delivering the right outcomes
  • We provide a truly unique blend of people, process and technology support across a wide range of regulatory change programmes
  • If your firm has received an s.166 draft notice, Huntswood (as a member of the FCA's Skilled Person Panel) is equipped to scope and undertake a review that meets the FCA’s specifications.
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The Complaints Outlook 2021

Actionable insight for every stage of the complaints journey



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Keeping up-to-date with the latest industry topics and regulatory issues can be quite time-consuming! 

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Huntswood didn't go off track at all with any part of the delivery and fully understood our business. If any compliance / conduct risk support is required Huntswood will always be involved in the process.

Motor Finance provider

The Huntswood team have delivered precisely to brief and in a timely manner too. I have been most pleased with the thoroughness of preparation going into the project. This, combined with the obvious regulatory and strategic experience you all have, has made the project a great success.

Managing director, major insurance firm

The high levels of engagement and expertise you have provided ensured we were well informed, consulted and guided (where appropriate) … The collaborative approach was excellent and created trust and understanding around the new model. Not only was this invaluable for the team, it was beneficial for the wider business …

Head of Quality, large general insurance intermediary