In most cases, your engagement will come to a natural end on the expiry date of the assignment contract. However, there are circumstances in which an engagement can come to an end before the contract’s natural end. Below is some information around why and how a contract may be terminated.


As you are aware, your contract is for a specified period of time. Therefore, on the end date of the assignment, your engagement will end with no further liability to you. In certain cases the client may request that the contract be extended. If this is the case, we would certainly encourage you to accept the extension (which would prompt a new contract document between Huntswood and your umbrella or PSC.)

Bear in mind that neither Huntswood nor the Client are obligated to offer extensions, nor are your obligated to accept any extensions, although in most cases we would prefer for you to accept extensions as they are offered. It may be the case that the project itself has come to an end or the project is continuing but your contract has not been extended.

If your engagement end date is coming, and an extension is not available, then you should contact Huntswood to discuss suitable placements, if available.

If you decide that you would like to leave on the engagement end date, and do not wish to extend the contract, as a matter of courtesy, it is expected that notice of non-renewal would be confirmed by you in line with the applicable notice period (see Termination with Notice).


This is also known as termination for convenience. If you would like to terminate your contract, and cease providing the services for any reason, you may exercise your right to terminate the assignment by providing notice. The assignment schedule provided to you includes the mandatory notice period required to terminate the engagement. As an example, if your assignment schedule contains a 20 day notice period, this means that you are required to notify Huntswood in writing 20 days prior to your intended end date.

Please be aware that if you leave, or advise that you intend to leave, without providing the required notice, Huntswood is entitled to exercise its right to claim any losses incurred as a result of the breach of contract through your umbrella company or your PSC. You will not receive payment for the 20 days’ notice that you do not work.

Huntswood may also terminate the contract for any reason on notice to you. This notice may be verbal or in writing. Huntswood is also required to provide advance notice of its intent to terminate a contract and, all Huntswood contracts have a mandatory notice period which an associate must continue to honour if they or Huntswood wishes to terminate the contract.


There are certain situations for which Huntswood has the right to terminate the contract without notice and with immediate effect. These generally relate to a failure to perform or misconduct. Below, are some examples why Huntswood may exercise its right to terminate the contract. Bear in mind that the below is just a number of examples and is not intended to be a full, comprehensive list of reasons why a contract may be terminated.

  • Failure to achieve or maintain competency
  • Failure to meet productivity and/or quality targets
  • Failure to provide the services as and when required by Huntswood and/or the client
  • Theft or attempted theft, including the falsification of timesheets
  • Fraudulent or dishonest acts
  • Conduct which brings Huntswood and/or the client into disrepute or damages the reputation of Huntswood and/or the client
  • Breaches of Huntswood/client policies/procedures
  • Malicious damage to property, including the introduction of viruses and other damage to IT systems
  • Breaches of contract including:
    • Confidentiality
    • Intellectual Property
    • Data Protection
    • Bribery and Corruption
  • Negligence resulting in serious loss to Huntswood and/or the client

Notwithstanding the reasons above, the client can request the termination of your assignment at any time without notice.

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