The utilities industry is under pressure from multiple angles. 

As well as economic and political pressure, regulatory transformation, increased competition, and changes to customer behaviours have created a myriad of issues for businesses to contend with and manage.

Huntswood has a long history of supporting businesses; allowing them to focus on their strengths by deploying our own. We are experts in customer servicing and regulatory support; helping businesses strike the right balance between operational excellence, customer experience, and regulatory compliance. Our clients benefit from a collaborative, partnership approach that supports sustainable growth and profitability.

How we can help

Huntswood has extensive experience working in the Utilities sector across a range of complex customer issues.  We have gained significant insight into best practice, ensuring it aligns with the changing expectations from the regulators. We support firms with:

Case study:

Supporting the UK’s largest energy provider to clear a significant complaints backlog

Huntswood was engaged to support in clearing a backlog in complaints as well as taking on a portion of BAU work

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How to achieve complaints excellence within the utilities market


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