Posted: 21st February 2019

This paper is an updated version of the 'Surviving The Winter Surge' white paper published in January 2019

Water, gas and energy suppliers provide essential services to the UK’s 20 million homes, meaning they are under intense pressure at almost all times of the year. However, when extreme weather strikes or operational emergencies threaten stability, they can be pushed to their limits.

Brand-new Huntswood research – based on nationally-representative survey of 3,000 utilities consumers – has revealed the extent to which handling complaints impacts, either positively or negatively, on loyalty and customer experience.

There are a host of solutions that firms could be employing to boost their capacity and deliver better outcomes during peak periods – not the least of which is partnering with a specialist outsourcer.

And that’s what our latest paper delivers: solutions. It is your definitive guide to achieving complaints excellence, while remaining customer-centric and compliant even when stretched to your limits.

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