Posted: 30th October 2019

Cyber-attacks, ransomware hijackings and cyber-assisted fraud have all, unfortunately, become a fact of life in our digital world. Organised crime syndicates, malicious individuals, terrorists and even nation states are taking advantage of weaknesses in defences to steal secrets, extort money and cause material damage to businesses across the nation.

Never before has cyber security been so critical to the strategic and operational success of businesses across all sectors of our economy. As attacks increase in sophistication and businesses make increasing use of cloud, AI and other technological innovations, the importance of implementing robust cyber security will only grow from here.

At the same time, data security and privacy has become an increased area of focus for regulators, something that the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 only reinforced.

It’s all well-and-good to be aware of the exponential rise in threats, but the implementation of practical cyber security measures is an area that many Boards know relatively little about – they are generally not technologists, after all.

Most Boards are simply not ready for a cyber incident and aren’t preparing as effectively as they could be to defend their business from the burgeoning threat. They need a proper strategy to get ahead of the risks rather than simply reacting to them. Furthermore, Boards need to be aware of the proactive steps they can take now to future proof their business.

This webinar will help you develop just that.

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  • Understand how to support Boards in shaping a cyber-security policy fit for their organisation
  • Identify the questions that Boards need to be asking of their IT and security teams
  • Identify some clear and practical ways to implement cyber-security
  • Outline what firms need to consider in order to manage a cyber security breach, ensure operational resilience and understand the threat landscape


  • Stephen Head, Senior Partner - Cyber Security Practice (Gadhia Consultants and Hunstwood)
  • Mike Peckham, Managing Partner (Gadhia Consultants and Hunstwood)
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