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White paper: Cyber Security in the Boardroom

Your board needs to know how to deal with a cyber security incident when, not if, your business is hit

October is Cyber Security Awareness month and this new white paper – written in collaboration with the cyber crime experts at Gadhia Consultants – provides Boards with a practical guide to defending their firms from attack and bouncing back from cyber incidents.

We are living in a time in which attacks are increasing in sophistication as well as volume. And it’s not just organised criminals carrying them out. There are a whole host of evolving threats, risks and challenges that need to be understood and mitigated. This should begin in the Boardroom.

In the future, competitive advantage will also depend on businesses managing digital identities and data safely. This means security and privacy are not just compliance issues, but strategic ones too.

Download this free white paper for the insight and practical guidance you’ll need to keep pace with the rapid change currently being seen. It will guide you through:

  • Understanding the current cyber landscape
  • How to increase your business’ cyber resilience
  • Achieving ‘cyber success’ in five questions

HOW BOARDS CAN develop a framework that includes governance, awareness, protection, response and recovery.