For firms and advisers, providing advice around the transfer of Defined Benefit (DB) pensions schemes to Defined Contribution (DC) schemes has resulted in increased regulatory scrutiny. The high risk of customer harm and typically the complex nature of providing DB transfer advice should driving firms to evaluate the potential liability contained within their DB book.

Taking a proactive response is critical, and Firms should, therefore, be looking closely at the quality of their past business, as well as carefully assessing business purchased. In addition, implementing robust sales practices and governance and controls frameworks, all aligned to regulatory expectations, is key to ensuring the ongoing quality of advice.

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Baroness Ros Altmann shares her views on the significant changes in the pensions sector over recent years and outlines what to look out for on the horizon.

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We have been supporting firms in assessing, remedying and improving their DB business in a variety of ways since 2017. Our solutions are tailored to the specific challenges of the business, and our robust and regulatory compliant review and remediation methodologies complimented with our calibre of people and subject matter expertise means you have the confidence and assurance of achieving the right outcomes.


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