We are Huntswood - Lucy Gilly

Posted: 3rd November 2021

Our latest interview sees us talking to Lucy Gilly, Commercial Director at Huntswood, who outlines our tailored approach to helping clients, and what they can expect when working with us.

She talks about the cohesive 'golden thread' that runs through everything we do, which allows us to deliver a consistent message to our clients; from their first interaction with us all the way through to the delivery of our services.

To hear more, watch the full video above.

Lucy is an experienced commercial leader who has worked in a number of sectors, undertaking legal and commercial roles. Her present role involves the leadership of Huntswood’s Legal, Procurement, Marketing and Commercial functions. In addition to this, Lucy supports our Chief Executive Officer in developing our commercial plans, including our strategic partnerships.

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Lucy gilly2

Lucy Gilly

Commercial Director