Mitigate risk while onboarding and transacting

Ensuring financial crime is managed is vitally important to your business. We understand both operational challenges that ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and sanctions checking present and the impacts it has on your customer experience.

With a long tradition and deep experience in fighting financial crime before it even has a chance to take root, Huntswood is well-placed to support your firm in defending against risks and threats. We are able to provide screening and alert management solutions that not only protect your business but allow you to onboard customers with less friction.

Our solutions give your authentic customers a better customer experience, while deterring fraudsters and opportunistic criminals at the same time.

Proactive data monitoring and analysis are among the most effective anti-fraud controls. Firms which undertake proactive data analysis techniques experience frauds that are 54% less costly and 50% shorter than organisations that do not monitor and analyse data for signs of fraud.

ACFE, Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, 2016 Global Fraud

Huntswood Alert Management Solutions

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Specialist advice

We are experienced at supporting firms to design, implement, test and operate all aspects of their financial crime, payments, information security, conduct and complaint handling models.

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Specialist resource

With in excess of 5,000 skilled, vetted individuals currently placed at firms, we are established as the leading provider of competent people to the regulated sectors.

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Tailored outsourcing service

Huntswood’s Centre of Excellence has been established to deliver a consistent, high quality service to its clients. Our ability to combine automation with human resource allows us to tailor the right solution for your business.


Tech plugged-in

By working with a number of established tech partners, Huntswood can offer you a faster implementation of services. We can make configuration and rule changes simply and quickly.

The solutions are all instantly scalable depending on your needs. Additional capacity can be created and deployed following established processes and rules, meaning there shouldn’t be ‘route to competence’ lag.

Why Huntswood

  • Huntswood will put in place processes and procedures that allow you to onboard customers faster, more smoothly and with less risk
  • We’ll also help you identify any areas of risk and flag suspicious activity
  • Our resourcing and recruitment platform will get the right people on your team – with the level of skill you really need – to protect you firm and your customers from financial crime threats

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