Protect your firm against the ongoing threat of financial crime

Fraud, money-laundering, terrorist-financing and the complexity of politically-exposed persons – all of these represent threats to regulated firms and pose a significant threat to individuals and society at large.

Public opinion is increasingly turning sour against firms that fail to adequately protect their customers from fraud. At the same time, regulatory developments are tightening the relationship between fraud controls and those required to mitigate other risks – data security risks, for example. Firms must, therefore, seek to continuously improve their financial crime controls while also ensuring that improvements drive even better experiences for their customers.

How we help firms defend against financial crime

We’ll help you build the cyber resilience your firm needs to operate with confidence in an increasingly hostile digital environment. Gadhia Consultants and Huntswood experts come together to review (and even re-write) your cyber security strategy, helping your firm along the path to cyber resilience. 

We provide specialist resource for our clients, ensuring you have the right people embedded to spot the risks and manage them effectively and efficiently.

Where an incident has occurred, we provide qualified professionals to investigate, and recover losses (where possible), all while ensuring lessons learned are adopted to enhance and build upon existing controls.


Financial crime planning

Financial Crime Experts

The key to success is bringing in financial crime experts armed with the latest anti-fraud and activity / customer screening technology. We provide both.

Huntswood and its Advisory Panel remain engaged with key industry bodies, actively helping to shape the financial crime debate, and ensuring we are on top of the issues that matter to our clients. Strategic partnerships, such as our work with Gadhia Consultants, keep us at the forefront in the battle against cyber criminals.

Alert management

Alert Management

We understand the operational challenges that ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and sanctions checking present and the impacts these have on your customer experience. 

On the flip-side we also know that having good alert management allows firms to onboard and service customers quicker, more efficiently and while delivering competitive service.

With our extensive process design experience, suite of technology solutions and the backing of experts in financial crime, we can help ensure your business is alerted to potential harm as early as possible, without all the stress or unmanageable costs.

Latest industry insight

Huntswood Insights is also regularly updated with the latest regulatory updates and articles on emerging financial crime risks. Be sure to sign up to receive regular insight for a free, expert overview of the evolving landscape.

Why Huntswood

  • We’ll help you mitigate regulatory and reputational risk through the swift identification and addressing of any areas of potential non-compliance
  • Our resourcing and recruitment platform will get the right people on your team – with the level of skill you really need – to protect you firm and your customers from financial crime threats
  • When criminals do strike (and that’s more of a “when” not “if” today), we’ll help you collect evidence, resolve issues and prepare for interactions with regulators

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Keeping up-to-date with the latest industry topics and regulatory issues can be quite time-consuming! 

Thankfully, our regulatory experts are here to help you stay on top of it all. Fill in the short form below to receive a monthly round-up of our insight, news and analysis. 

Throughout the eight months that I’ve worked with Huntswood I’ve seen first-hand how they put their customers at the heart of their business. They are a company that continues to impress, deliver and delight in equal measure.

Head of Training & Development, Insurance, Retail bank

The Huntswood team have delivered precisely to brief and in a timely manner too. I have been most pleased with the thoroughness of preparation going into the project. This, combined with the obvious regulatory and strategic experience you all have has made the project a great success.

Managing director, major insurance firm

The project has run incredibly smoothly, which reflects great planning and great commitment to pro-actively resolve any issues … Good collaborative planning was at the heart of the operation. It primarily ensured our customers received an outstanding service but also convey confidence to regulator and all the internal stakeholders.

Operations Director, leading UK merchandise retailer

Our challenge … has been extremely demanding and Huntswood has had to deal with a rapid upsizing of the ongoing engagements, taking the number of deployed staff from an initial 16 to 174 in a very short space of time. The hassle-free experience has been testament to Huntswood’s organisational and management skills.

Senior Manager, Customer Service Recovery, leading UK retail bank

Huntswood’s people are of the highest calibre. Not only do they understand the issue from a regulatory perspective, but they know how to deliver effective training in an impactful way.

Client Project Lead, Retail bank