Flexible and resilient contact centre services

We channel decades of experience into delivering totally bespoke contact centre services across financial services, energy, water, telecoms, travel, retail and the public sector, from 12 to 1,500+ FTE.

Our partnership approach delivers clarity and pragmatism, and we always work closely with our clients to understand the unique elements of their business before proposing our solution. This helps us identify and implement the service which provides the greatest value for our client and their customers.

A seamless extension of your brand

When we represent your brand, we do it seamlessly: our goal is to work as an extension of your business by immersing ourselves in your organisational culture and values. That means upholding your reputation like it’s our own - because that’s exactly what it is.

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What can you expect from partnering with Huntswood:

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We provide scale, without compromising attentiveness. Following rapid mobilisation, our solutions evolve and change with our clients’ needs

Quality resource purple


We have a natural affinity with, and understanding of, our clients. We share their values, behaviours and goals - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Customer experience purple


We don’t see our high quality service delivery as a competitive advantage, but the bare minimum a client should expect. We create better outcomes for our clients and their customers

Multichannel purple


We’re a strategic partner, delivering innovation and continuous improvement through process efficiencies and automation. We’re transformational – and will be as relevant to you in the future as we are today

Efficient workflows purple


As a learning organisation we modify our approach based in new knowledge and insight. We’re on a journey with our clients, with an openness to new ways of working


Telephone white

Multi-channel communication tools and processes include telephony, email, SMS, social, webchat, chatbot and more. We service inbound and outbound communications across all channels

Web embrace white

Measurable improvements in customer satisfaction utilising the KPIs that are important to you

Home and office white

We deliver secure office-based, hybrid and home working solutions to clients, which deliver maximum flexibility without sacrificing operational excellence

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Quality process design ensures your operation is efficient from the outset, and our continuous improvement approach allows you to create better outcomes with each customer interaction

Robotics white

Robotic process automation executes repetitive tasks such as data gathering and systems administration so Agents can focus on customers' needs

Cogs white

Bespoke case management, workforce and workflow tools ensure our engagements deliver improved operational efficiencies while providing significant insight into performance using valuable MI

Case study:

The transition and transformation of 1,200 FTE outsourced operation following incumbent underperformance

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The whole Huntswood team has proven to be professional and efficient within every work stream presented to them, with the biggest asset of the team being their versatility while still maintaining above expectation performance.

Head of Retail Innovation Team, leading UK retail bank

The project has run incredibly smoothly, which reflects great planning and great commitment to pro-actively resolve any issues … Good collaborative planning was at the heart of the operation. It primarily ensured our customers received an outstanding service but also helped us convey confidence to regulator and all the internal stakeholders.

Operations Director, leading UK merchandise retailer

Huntswood is able to handle rapidly changing priorities and react quickly to our needs and also challenge us on proposed course of action and the implications involved.

Senior Manager, Customer Service Recovery, leading UK retail bank

Our challenge … has been extremely demanding and Huntswood has had to deal with a rapid upsizing of the ongoing engagements, taking the number of deployed staff from an initial 16 to 174 in a very short space of time. The hassle-free experience has been testament to Huntswood’s organisational and management skills.

Senior Manager, Customer Service Recovery, leading UK retail bank