The cultural impacts of SM&CR with Rhiannon Harfoot

Posted: 6th January 2020

The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) has forced firms to confront their company culture in a brand-new light. It has placed increased accountability on the shoulders of certain individuals and holds them responsible for customer harm that might emerge in the course of doing business.

It's crucial that businesses across the UK (with over 50,000 of them recently coming under the scope of the regime) to rethink their approach to culture. The functional aspects of the SM&CR as laid out in the word of the regulation are only just a starting point ...

Rhiannon Harfoot, Huntswood Advisory Panel member and culture change expert, recently spoke to us about this aspect of the regime. This video will give you a quick and helpful overview of the potential impacts on your business. 

Rhiannon harfoot

Rhiannon Harfoot

Culture change consultant and Advisory Panel member