Posted: 30th July 2018

Financial criminals use a wide variety of interconnected tactics, tools and methodologies to defraud and attack both unprepared businesses and vulnerable customers.

The key to defending against the wide-ranging threat of financial crime, for any and every function within a business, is having a robust and joined-up approach to knowing your customer (KYC).

In this, the first in a short series of papers exploring the benefits of a holistic, customer-centric approach to financial crime defence, we provide readers with a guide to the benefits of converging financial crime controls. Containing advice and expert opinion from our financial crime team—Steve Elliot (Managing Director), Mark Townsley (Regulatory Affairs Manager) and Linglin Song (Principal Consultant)—this paper is an introduction to the principles of holistic defence, compiled to help your firm develop a more effective KYC solution.

Included in the paper:

  • The financial crime threat in the modern landscape
  • The common thread between fraud prevention and AML controls
  • The benefits of converging controls within your firm, as well as the opportunities available

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