Posted: 29th July 2016

The stakes continue to rise for those who play a part on the board of a financial services firm - as a result of mounting regulation, the need for deeper involvement and new rules on personal accountability.

The company secretary’s role has had to evolve at the same rapid, unrelenting pace to support the intensifying needs of financial services firms’ boards.

Our research has sought to gain valuable insight into the pivotal role the company secretary plays. Company secretaries representing a cross section of leading UK financial services firms contributed to Huntswood and Board Intelligence’s research through a series of interviews.

The resulting report, Regulation in the Boardroom, is now available to download.

It highlights:

  • The different approaches to conduct risk reporting that exist
  • The importance of the company secretary role to governance responsibility
  • How the amount of board material and time devoted to regulation and conduct risk issues varies between firms
  • How seriously firms take NED development


Download the report

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