Providing management services is critical to providing effective leadership to enable all associates to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and their customers. Starting with the Heads of Delivery through to the Team Leader, all associates delivering management and leadership services are required to be role models of Huntswood’s values and behaviours. 

All associates delivering management services are responsible for setting the tone and ensuring that all associates are engaged and effectively communicated with. The other key responsibilities are:




Huntswood Director

All Engagements

The Directors have responsibility for the management of all client engagements including capacity, headcount, production and quality.

Huntswood Engagement Manager (EM) / Senior Delivery Manager (SDM)

All Engagements

The Engagement or Senior Delivery Manager position is a key client facing role accountable for managing commercial relationships with our clients through the delivery of contracted services (engagements) and the associated contract management.

Working closely with all internal business units, the Engagement Manager is responsible for all aspects of engagement and client management to ensure that service standards and excellence are achieved.

Associate Operations Manager / Head of Site

Huntswood Managed Engagements

As part of the contracted services, associates acting in the capacity of Operations Manager are responsible for running an engagement/programme and ensuring productivity and quality of the operation is of a high standard, meets the levels agreed with the client, the FCA and regulatory requirements.

Associate Team Leader

All Engagements

As part of the contracted services, associates acting in the capacity of Team Leader are responsible for managing the daily performance of delivery teams, which may include Administrators, Case Handlers and Quality Checkers.

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