Planned Absence

Associates are contractually required to attend their workplace for a fixed period for the proper performance of the services. Resource planning and early clarification of associate service requirements is vital to the success of delivery.

For these reasons, it is necessary for all associates to inform their manager of any planned absence as soon as practical, ideally with 20 working days’ notice. The manager should, subject to meeting client requirements endeavour to accommodate such requests.

Unplanned Absence

If an associate will not be attending the engagement on any given day, they should inform their manager or use the agreed method as soon as practical and prior to their start time.

All associates are expected to meet the requirements of their contract to keep absence to a minimum.

Where absence due to illness is likely to be prolonged, the manager should consult with their Huntswood EM/SDM for advice.

Absent without Leave

If an associate fails to attend the services, without previous notice, in accordance with agreed times and dates the manager should endeavour to contact the associate. Where they are unable to make contact within 2 hours of the expected start time the EM/SDM should be informed for them to instigate the AWOL process.

The AWOL process is designed to ensure that Huntswood takes all reasonable and necessary steps to ensure the safety of the associate. If Huntswood initiates the AWOL process, an employee of Huntswood will take the following steps to locate the associate:

  • STEP 1: Direct contact (mobile phone/emails) with associate
  • STEP 2: Contact with “in case of emergency” contacts
  • STEP 3: Contact with the Police or other authorities

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