Posted: 29th April 2014

At Huntswood we have spotted a pattern which fundamentally affects an organisation’s culture and, ultimately, its ability to change.

It’s in our title above: THINK!

When a person joins a new organisation, they progress through a wonderful, golden period in which they need to learn the ropes. As, initially, they don’t know how things work in their new environment they will ask some questions and maybe even suggest some different ways. The need to ‘hit the ground running’, however, results in this curiosity not lasting for very long before each of us accepts the status quo and just ‘do what everyone else does’.

At Huntswood we observe the consequences of this pattern day in and day out. Losing that curiosity enables mediocrity, resulting in mistakes, miscommunication and customer dis-satisfaction.

It stops innovation and change.  Why do we allow this to happen?

We are human beings, not human doings and yet we are rewarded for being busy and ‘doing’. Taking time out to think about and wonder ‘why?’ is seen as a luxury.  We believe it is a necessity to reflect on what we are doing: is it serving us? Could we be doing something better?

With this in mind, Huntswood’s Organisational Development team is encouraging a small group of pioneering senior leaders to join them for a ‘culture’ event.  We are looking for people who are interested in culture and want to take some time to look at it in a unique way, and allow themselves the space to hit the ‘pause button’ and think about why.

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