Firms must ensure they are well equipped to deal with customers who are experiencing financial distress and may be in arrears in servicing their debt. Huntswood delivers bespoke operations aligned to regulatory requirements, industry best practice and delivering good outcomes for customers. Not only that, we're here to provide the support you need to drive operational excellence and cost efficiencies.

Our blended approach

A high-performing collections and recoveries programme requires specialist skills, together with the right systems and processes. Our toolkit supports multi-channel voice and digital conversations, and we completely understand why maintaining a good client experience is paramount. We resolve matters quickly and amicably, without causing any detriment to your relationship.

Customer onboarding blue

High quality customer support, whatever the scale of the requirement

We have extensive experience in delivering collections and recoveries engagements of all sizes, under a number of different operating models (executing our own or our clients' own processes, or designing and delivering a new approach). Furthermore, we often blend collections activity into other front-line work to maximise return on investment. 

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Technology and innovation


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