Seamlessly integrate processes and systems to achieve better outcomes 


There are many factors that lead firms to outsource their operational processing capability, and also a number of considerations that must be thought through.  

Firms are increasingly seeking a blended solution whereby some specific elements of a business function are outsourced - whilst others are retained in house. This is a concept that Huntswood are able and willing to support and can seamlessly integrate processes and systems to achieve such an outcome where it is desired. Our considerable experience also means that we understand the inherent challenges that come with operational processing outsourcing and are well placed to help navigate our clients through this journey.

We can tailor our service to suit your organisation’s requirements and can effectively cover any type of processing that follows a defined process journey. Anything that can be categorised as a case can be processed within our centres of excellence.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer a solution which encapsulates all aspects of the business process in question by leveraging the following key capabilities:

  • Inbound and outbound telephony via our dedicated contact centre
  • Inbound and outbound offline mailing via our dedicated mailroom
  • Digital communications capability – we can deploy various digital solutions to enable efficient communications with customers, such as SMS messaging and chatbots
  • Case management and workflow systems and Robotic Process Automation; tailored to suit the exact needs of your firm
  • Provision and continual enhancement of all process and procedural documentation required

Key Benefits

  • Ensure you have the right operational and regulatory capabilities in your business

  • Obtain expert resource to manage surges in activity

  • Plug in an operational solution that provides location, people, infrastructure and technology while ensuring you maintain a clear view of compliance

  • Manage key elements of your operation in a timely and cost efficient manner


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