When it comes to resolving issues, you need an agile delivery partner

Traditionally, remediation exercises have used advisory expertise from one organisation to complete the initial past business review and approach definition. Then, they've employed a separate resource provider to deliver the pre-defined project.

We are in a unique position of being able to offer regulatory, customer experience and conduct risk expertise alongside UK-leading operational delivery.

In short, if your firm needs to put things right with customers, your project is sorted – from start to finish – with Huntswood.

With Huntswood you benefit from an operational view at every stage, ensuring both customer experience and commercial implications are considered throughout, reducing risk, lowering costs and ensuring a consistent delivery.

The entire project has been based on collaboration and teamwork, where activity targets were met, quality standards achieved and maintained, and a very focused workforce delivered what was required. A key factor within the project was the culture engendered by the management team – very much a “we” culture, as opposed to being hierarchical. It’s been a great journey and everyone involved at huntswood has my deepest thanks – i hope that one day we can work together again, and achieve a similar result.

Remediation Manager, leading UK general merchandise retailer


A combination of regulatory and operational expertise enable us to design practical options that evolve as needed.

Our experts will provide a full plan for delivering remediation including:

  • a clear and secure data hosting approach
  • communication strategy with standardised templates and communications
  • a quality assurance/quality checking framework
  • a detailed standardised end-to-end case workflow process
  • creation or amendment of relevant policies
  • redress calculations

Our focus is on providing a cost-efficient, fully-compliant and proportionate approach to remediation. We will recommend the right blend of human resources and technology, delivered on an outsourced or in-house model depending on your specific needs.


Our highly experienced delivery managers ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget. 

We know it’s important for you to feel in control of any remediation activity and to be confident in the delivery of fair customer outcomes, so we provide management information which allows you to see how the project is performing. Our systems enable a full audit trail of activities to meet all compliance requirements.

By bringing Huntswood onboard, your firm will benefit from the flexibility that comes with our unique resourcing model. Take advantage of fully outsourced project management and delivery or supplementary resource to support your teams, managed inhouse or on your site.



Assisting a large retail bank with its PPI redress operations, we designed and implemented, within eight weeks, robust processes and procedures embedded within a scalable operation. With the backing of internal and external systems specialists, we quickly got the bank in a position to contact 18,000 customers every fortnight.

We mobilised in excess of 100 telephony agents, case handlers, managers and supervisors, enabling us to deal comfortably with all customer contact requirements. We also delivered over 1,000 man-days worth of training to ensure quality of output and 0% rework.



We completed a full review of c.200,000 files and subsequently sent out 750,000 mailings. We organised a fully managed, multi-site remediation function for our client. 165 level 3-qualified financial services consultants were identified, referenced and engaged within three weeks, increasing the team to a total of 350 personnel.

We were able to devise an improved methodology which proved more streamlined and cost-effective, and promoted the use of a highly flexible, multi-skilled workforce. We also provided training and upskilling for two alternative suppliers’ resource during the engagement.

Why Huntswood:

  • Restore trust and foster positive advocacy by proactively reaching out to impacted customers
  • Reduce potential regulatory scrutiny by providing assurance that your approach is supported by an experienced and qualified external advisor
  • Augment your in-house team with specialist resource in a timely and flexible manner, supporting your ability undertake complex past business reviews and remediation exercises

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