Posted: 15th February 2019

Year on year, the financial services sector sees a rise in complaints volumes, and insurance firms often bear the brunt.

During peak periods of disruption and distress such as winter, in particular, firms can often become overwhelmed by the amount of customer contact, causing backlogs that feed a vicious cycle of complaints.

But complaints needn’t be a cause for alarm – in fact, good complaints handling can turn dissatisfied customers into net promoters for your business. The difficulty comes in finding the best way to open your firm up to constructive criticism and learn from complaints.

Our new paper, Successful complaints handling in the insurance sector, is your one-stop guide to achieving complaints excellence within this complicated marketplace. Within the paper you will find:

  • An analysis of complaints data
  • The importance of being easy to complain to and how to be just that
  • Planning for complaints surges, mitigating actions and key challenges

To find out how you can ‘see below the complaints iceberg’ and get the most out of customer feedback, download the paper by filling out the form today.

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