Protect your firm against the ongoing threat of financial crime


Fraud, money-laundering, terrorist-financing and the complexity of politically-exposed persons – all of these represent threats to regulated firms, especially as criminals from across the world are attracted to the UK’s stable financial markets. These things pose a significant threat to firms, individuals and society at large.

Public opinion is increasingly shifting against firms that fail to adequately protect them against fraud, while at the same time, regulatory developments are increasing the relationship between fraud controls and those required to mitigate other risks (e.g. data security risks). Firms must therefore seek to continuously improve their anti-financial crime controls whilst also ensuring that improvements drive even better experiences for their customers.

The key to this is expert people and technology with eyes trained to spot suspicious activity within the market. We can provide those experts.

Our Resourcing team leverage broad experience within financial crime and the agility to offer a bespoke service to clients. We remain engaged with key industry bodies, actively helping to shape the financial crime debate, and ensuring we are on top of the issues that matter to our clients.


We can provide specialist resource for our clients, ensuring that they have the right people embedded to spot the risks and manage them effectively and efficiently.

Where an incident has occurred, we are able to provide qualified professionals to investigate, and recover losses where possible, all whilst ensuring lessons learned are adopted to enhance and build upon existing controls

Key Benefits

  • Mitigate regulatory and reputational risk through identifying and addressing any areas of non-compliance early
  • Get the right people into your team to ensure your firm and customers are protected
  • Deliver good customer outcomes – increasing advocacy and driving revenue growth

Why Huntswood

Comprehensive understanding of financial crime, from both a regulatory and operational perspective

Expertise and understanding of best practices to deliver the best human resource in the sector