A firm’s approach to its customers’ complaints speaks volumes about its internal culture. If complaints spike beyond an organisation’s resource capability, then a customer’s dissatisfaction can be compounded by a slow or inadequate response.
As well as firms’ operational and customer advocacy considerations, the FCA’s approach to customer outcomes means that handling complaints effectively - to the letter of the law and to agreed timescales - has become increasingly imperative.
To support your organisation in this area, Huntswood offers a blended range of consultative and resourcing solutions.

  • Complaints handling

    Achieve good customer outcomes whether you're handling day-to-day complaints or responding to a surge in volumes

  • Skilled Persons Review (S.166)

    Find out what to expect from a review, and gain assurance that you're fully prepared for the process and any resulting action

  • Root cause analysis

    Take an iterative approach to product design and realise the true value of uncovering the root cause of past issues

  • Outcomes testing

    Place customers at the heart of your firm by ensuring that products are built on meaningful customer insight

  • Complaints target operating model

    Develop a proven approach to complaints in your firm or gain assurance that your existing approach is efficient and effective

  • Process design, redesign and review

    Optimise your processes to ensure they work for your customers while developing a reliable, practical approach to business change

  • Regulatory and operational training

    Help those at the frontline of your firm understand their obligations and empower them to drive good customer outcomes

  • Complaints benchmarking

    Understand how your firm’s approach to complaints compares to the wider industry and develop a best practice approach