Achieve complaints excellence


Although firms do all they can to provide good outcomes to customers, when they do receive complaints, there exists the opportunity to foster improved relations with individual customers.

Ensuring products are suitable, understandable, and work for customers is imperative. However, when a firm experiences an uplift in complaints, Huntswood can support them with a range of complaints related services.

Operational support

Ensuring complaints are dealt with efficiently by the operation can have positive knock-on effects for customer advocacy and can reduce the cost of complaints. We support firms by:

  • Setting up and managing fully outsourced complaints operations, providing efficiencies and the added assurance of working with operational experts who comprehensively understand the regulatory landscape and rules
  • Recruiting operational and regulatory experts on an interim or permanent basis for your firm, allowing you to obtain the skills and knowledge to achieve ongoing improvements
  • Providing large-scale resource for management on Huntswood premises or our clients’ sites, including robust project governance for all client site engagements
  • Using data analytics and automating information gathering for key components of the complaints process - providing end-to-end time savings of up to 15% and reducing the information ordering aspect of the process by as much as 65% in terms of time required
  • Delivering robust operational training across the business so that staff remain aligned to the organisation’s goals in the complaint space

Regulatory support

Regulatory complaints rules pose ongoing challenges for firms in terms of governance, structure, operating model, processes, culture and training. We support firms in this area by:

  • Augmenting their complaints operating model (including policy, processes and procedures and MI gathering) to uncover efficiencies and improvements
  • Assessing and improving governance arrangements, providing independent assurance, and performing complaints benchmarking so firms can stay abreast of their performance versus their peers
  • Imparting the relevant training and awareness to staff at all levels, from the frontline to senior management and the board

Key Benefits

  • Ensure you have the right operational and regulatory capabilities in your business

  • Obtain expert resource to manage surges in activity

  • Mitigate against complaints rule breaches, service all complaints in a timely manner and benchmark yourself against peer performance

  • Plug in a complaints solution that provides location, people, infrastructure and technology while ensuring you maintain a clear view of compliance


Why Huntswood

Handling complaints for clients in regulated industry since 1996

Focused on addressing the root cause of complaints to address the underlying issue – ultimately reducing incoming volumes

Cutting edge technological solutions which deliver efficiencies

We reduce the time taken to handle complaints by up to 15%