The energy sector is currently experiencing increased regulatory pressure. Ofgem’s introduction of principles-based regulation is set to begin a new era of regulatory change and increase the energy industry’s focus on customer outcomes and complaints processes.

Huntswood’s regulatory and commercial expertise means we provide a unique set of services and insight, allowing firms to achieve operational efficiency, effective complaints handling and regulatory compliance. 

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Our services

  • Business assurance

    Ensure products and services are robust yet business-enabling to deliver good customer outcomes and compliance benefits

  • Complaints

    Better understand upcoming complaints regulation, improve your complaints handling approach or source expert case handlers

  • Culture and people development

    Embed a culture in your firm that goes beyond regulatory compliance, empowering your people and benefiting your business

  • Financial Crime and Fraud

    Mitigate the risk of financial crime and react effectively to crystallised issues, protecting your firm and its customers

  • Past business review and remediation

    Execute proportionate reviews, identify the real issues and perform remediation projects that achieve good customer outcomes

  • Recruitment

    Fill specialist technical roles by drawing on our wide pool of skilled and experienced candidates

  • Regulatory services

    Understand and embed existing or emerging regulation, aiding compliance while helping you realise operational benefits