There are many factors that lead firms to outsource their operations and several considerations to work through before making the leap. 

Firms are increasingly seeking a blended, flexible solution whereby specific elements of a business function are outsourced, while others are retained in-house. Here at Huntswood, we can seamlessly integrate people, processes and systems into areas where they will make the most impact.

Our considerable experience means that we understand the inherent challenges that come with operational process outsourcing and are well placed to help navigate you through this journey.

Case study:

The transition and transformation of 1,200 FTE outsourced operation following incumbent underperformance

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A suite of services for any operational need

Bluespotlight headset

Complaints handling

Support your business as usual operations or react quickly to spikes in complaints volumes to ensure you maintain excellent levels of customer service

Bluespotlight outcomes


Dig deep into the customer experience, identifying and assessing customer risks throughout the product lifecycle

Bluespotlight root


Identify and resolve past issues. Also, evidence the delivery of consistent and fair outcomes for customers

Bluespotlight process


Focus on the key drivers in your business to transform your operational processes and ensure the right outcomes are delivered at the right time and to the highest quality

Bluespotlight training


Raise your level of regulatory compliance and / or operational efficiency, helping you get more out of business-as-usual activity

Bluespotlight financialcrime


With a clear understanding of the threat landscape, ensure that your operation is secure

The whole Huntswood team has proven to be professional and efficient within every work stream presented to them, with the biggest asset of the team being their versatility while still maintaining above expectation performance.

Head of Retail Innovation Team, leading UK retail bank

The project has run incredibly smoothly, which reflects great planning and great commitment to pro-actively resolve any issues … Good collaborative planning was at the heart of the operation. It primarily ensured our customers received an outstanding service but also helped us convey confidence to regulator and all the internal stakeholders.

Operations Director, leading UK merchandise retailer

Huntswood is able to handle rapidly changing priorities and react quickly to our needs and also challenge us on proposed course of action and the implications involved.

Senior Manager, Customer Service Recovery, leading UK retail bank

Our challenge … has been extremely demanding and Huntswood has had to deal with a rapid upsizing of the ongoing engagements, taking the number of deployed staff from an initial 16 to 174 in a very short space of time. The hassle-free experience has been testament to Huntswood’s organisational and management skills.

Senior Manager, Customer Service Recovery, leading UK retail bank


We offer an end-to-end service encapsulating all aspects of business processing. Or, depending on your needs, we can supplement your existing operation with 'component' solutions. We can provide:

Headset white


Inbound and outbound telephony and offline mailing via our dedicated contact centre and mailroom

People white

Human Resource

High-quality human resource trained, vetted and committed to delivering your operation

Process black white

operational excellence

Expertise in process re-engineering to ensure your processes are as efficient and effective as possible

Home and office white

Flexible working solutions

We enable our workforce with flexible in-office or remote capabilities that cater for various scenarios.

Digital embrace white


Multichannel communication tools and processes

Doc graph white

Case management

Case management and workflow systems to manage documents and data

Robotics white


Robotic process automation integration to ensure efficient and effective workflows

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