Our client, a globally recognised takeaway delivery service, was restructuring its business to cope with seasonal peaks, and were looking for an onshore telephony partner to manage inbound contact from customers and restaurant partners, supporting their own in-house team.

Despite the client requiring non-typical hours of operation, Huntswood delivered an engaged and motivated workforce, deploying them within its centre of excellence in Glasgow. We engaged groups who we knew from experience would seek evening and shift patterns to suit their work / life balance, including local university and college students.

Huntswood’s multi-skilled resource and our expertise in delivering bespoke training and competency programmes allowed us to deliver a shortened training schedule with no loss of quality. New Agents leaving training similarly resulted in no downturn in the overall performance of the operation.

Weekly sessions, delivered throughout the course of the engagement via project governance, allowed the Huntswood and client teams to calibrate call scoring. This helped build the teams’ relationship, and we were consistently within 2% of the clients’ own scores. This delivered robust assurance over our view of quality within the operation.


90% Right first time score against a target of 88%
94% customer satisfaction against target of 90%
8% agent down time against a target of 10%