A long-standing client was experiencing increased call volumes following a Part VII transfer mailing, and required Huntswood to deliver a team in a timely manner to provide additional customer service support at short notice.

Huntswood deployed a team of 30 front line telephony Agents within five days to deliver agreed messaging to customers responding to the mailing with questions. Our speed of deployment helped mitigate a backlog of queries within our client’s operation.

We reviewed the client’s FAQs and systems requirements and formed a short training module which would provide our people with an overview of systems, as well as supporting them to deliver the messaging.

We worked pragmatically and flexibly with our client to ensure they were able to deploy competent Customer Service Agents aligned to their extremely short timeline requirements. Over the course of our long-standing relationship, this was one of six short-notice, short-term resource deployments which helped our client deliver against various customer service requirements.

We decommissioned our team in line with client requirements, with short notice periods due to the way we contracted with our people. This allowed our client to ‘switch off ’ support once call volumes decreased to a level where a smaller, internal BAU solution could be deployed to manage the ‘tail’ of enquiries. This meant the operation was right sized throughout.