Complaints Outlook 2019 – Research Approach and Methodology

Posted: 4th October 2019

On the 12th September, we invited industry-leading complaints and customer experience experts, as well as other contributors to the Complaints Outlook 2019, to the report's launch event in London.

Attendees listened to a series of keynote speeches and enlightening panel sessions in which our speakers broke down the core findings of the Complaints Outlook and added their own valuable insight. We’re sure all those in the audience walked away with an even deeper understanding of current and future complaints trends and will be using this knowledge to improve the experiences of their customers.

If you couldn’t make the event, however, don’t worry. We were able to record the speeches and have compiled these here to give you an overview of the key takeaways from the day.

Kate Woollard, Engagement and Brand Manager at Huntswood, and Matt Palframan, Director, Financial Services Research at YouGov, provide us with an overview of the research approach that allowed us and our partners to create such an insightful, detailed industry report.

With the assistance of YouGov, the Henley Business School and Resolver, we were able to interview over 30 leading firms, survey 5,500 of their customers and collate a nationally representative set of data. The picture painted through this process reveals that firms are certainly improving in their complaints handling, but there is still a fair way to go.

Kate says that "the process gave us a lot of great quantitative data that gave us the opportunity to start to compare what consumers were saying to us to what firms were saying to us ... and be able to identify where there were differences. And we did discover there were some really significant differences."

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