Complaints Outlook 2022 Launch Event - Craig Koch, Research Principles

Posted: 11th July 2022

On the 28th June, we formally launched our Complaints Outlook 2022 report.

At this event, we heard from the contributors of the report, as well as senior Huntswood and industry experts. This video is an excerpt from that webinar, where you can hear from the author of the report, Craig Koch, Head of Insight, Huntswood.

Our new Complaints Outlook continues the story of the last year’s report, where we identified six key themes which contribute to a successful complaint journey. We have again conducted detailed surveys, speaking with customers, complaint handlers and firms themselves, consolidating those themes into one fundamental principle – make the customer feel valued.

Watch the webinar for insightful recommendations and if you have not yet read the Complaints Outlook 2022 report, download your copy here.

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