Huntswood was engaged by a utilities provider to provide support to their First Notice of Loss (FNOL) claims division to assist with seasonal winter surge pressures.

We onboarded 69 specialists with demonstrable experience of working in a first notification of loss environment. Huntswood deployed the bulk of these experts within four weeks.

The average benchmarked call handling time within the permanent operation was 7.6 minutes. The Huntswood operation delivered an overall average of 6.6 minutes, equating to a reduction of 13%.

The client required the Huntswood operation to deliver over 80% productive hours on an ongoing basis. Our current average to date is 82%. This is a 21% increase on the 68% average being achieved by the client’s permanent operation.

Huntswood’s quality scores demonstrate 97% fair customer outcomes against a contractual target of 95%. The client’s BAU operation achieves 89% fair customer outcomes by comparison.