Huntswood was engaged by a leading utilities firm to provide a complaints outsourcing solution following a spike in BAU volumes, poor customer outcomes and resulting regulatory scrutiny.

We designed and managed an operational solution, deploying experts with technical knowledge of billing, metering, change of tenancy, bankruptcy, shared supply issues and the communication and empathy skills to engage with customers experiencing financial difficulty.

We were also asked to improve the existing hand-off process to other departments. A bespoke escalation matrix was developed to give clear timescales and escalation points for other departments within the business. Since this was implemented, SLAs for further actions required reduced from an average of seven days to one, improving customer wait times and average handling times.

Our ringfenced operation supported the client to get back within its desired BAU volumes by greatly exceeding contractual targets. 13,042 cases were completed against a contractual target of 9,308 – a 40% increase on desired volumes.

Existing client quality expectations for its own staff was 85%. Huntswood resources exceed this by 13%. Our work helped the client improve the customer journey they offered and created a new benchmark for existing staff.