Our client was experiencing recurrent spikes in irresponsible lending complaints due to increased complaint management company (CMC) activity and media campaigns. At the same time, our client was seeking to relocate its complaints administration function back onshore following an internal efficiency review. Huntswood was engaged to take ownership of all of the client’s BAU complaint handling on an outsourced basis.

We improved the client's acknowledgement process, reducing processing time, and customer enquiries following acknowledgement. Improved RCA on CMC submissions allowed for regular dialogue between the firm and CMCs, reducing duplicate submissions.
RCA on furthers / re-opened cases allowed us to make improvements to customer templates and responses, which resulted in a 3% reduction in chasers /furthers received.

A review by Huntswood of the investigation process saw FOS referral rates reduce by 44% between January and June 2020

We automated the FOS submission process, resulting in a 40% reduction in processing time (20 minutes per case).

Huntswood implemented a robust quality checking framework and improved
adherence to policy and process guidance, providing learnings and feedback
to continuously improve associate performance and, as a result, customer outcomes.