Our client, a $4 billion footwear company, was heading into their peak season and facing challenges with their website and distribution centre. This created a large backlog in customer enquiries, led to call queues surpassing one hour and presented the likelihood of financial losses due to a number of upcoming seasonal surges (including Black Friday and the Christmas period).


To reconcile the situation, we implemented operations to handle the surge in customer calls in less than 10 days. We scaled operations while understanding the need to reduce staff once the backlog was cleared and the team had supported the upcoming seasonal events.

Our accelerated deployment of Agents to combat our client’s issues prevented potential loss, and our flexibility in scaling down operations tailored to the requirement removed any risk of overstaffing. Our deployment included multi-lingual requirements, which we executed against successfully. We continue to provide a multi-lingual service.

We answered 84% of calls and 85% of chats within 30 seconds, demonstrating an increase of 45% versus client expectations. This led to a decrease in abandoned calls of 19% and a decrease in abandoned chats of 22% (our abandon rates were 200% better than our contractual SLA).

We remained engaged as the client’s flex partner, as well as delivering BAU services, meaning we retained operational knowledge and were primed to support subsequent surges. From 2021 to 2023, we demonstrated a revenue increase for the client of 55%.

We worked with the client’s planning team to improve their processes and systems, allowing us to help increase forecasting accuracy.