Recruiting in risk management


Managing and mitigating risk continues to be central to meeting regulatory obligations, delivering good customer outcomes, gaining customer advocacy and ensuring commerciality. To manage risk effectively, you need at your disposal the expertise to spot potential issues in new and existing products and processes.

As well as this, monitoring customer outcomes on an ongoing basis helps to satisfy any regulatory scrutiny, and can lead you to making improvements for the benefit of those customers.

Huntswood has been working with financial services firms since 1996, from individual advisers and smaller organisations to the UK’s largest financial institutions. We also work with firms in other regulated industries, including energy, water and telecommunications. During this time we have consistently matched our candidates’ specialisms to our clients’ requirements.

Our reputation for suitable placement of candidates also allows us to attract the best people, many of whom register only with Huntswood. This is especially useful given the pressures on firms to get products to market quickly while gaining assurance that they will (and do) deliver good outcomes for customers.

Our team works alongside Huntswood’s regulatory and business improvement experts, and this means that we truly understand the regulatory issues firms are facing across financial services. This helps us to refer only the most suitable candidates for your consideration.

The roles we recruit for

We recruit skilled risk professionals in the following areas to help identify and mitigate potential problems before they occur:

  • Conduct and regulatory risk 
  • Operational risk
  • Credit risk

Flexibility that works for your firm      

Our specialist risk recruiters are accustomed to promptly sourcing appropriately qualified candidates for both interim and permanent roles. We can advise firms in establishing exactly what calibre of people might fit their requirements based on budget and the technicality of the role. Furthermore, whether you are looking for one candidate or several, Huntswood will be able to assist.

To speak to an expert about your requirements, please contact the team today.