Outsource time-consuming technical work to paraplanners


With regulatory focus on the outcomes provided in the wealth management sector, it is more important than ever for advisers to undertake - and, importantly, evidence - comprehensive research and suitable client recommendations.

However, the opportunity cost can be disproportionately high for advisers if this requirement detracts from the time they are able to spend with clients and on developing their business.

In order to make advice provision sustainable within their business model, advisers can outsource time-consuming technical work to paraplanners. A paraplanner can complete tasks such as compiling suitability reports, performing means testing and assessing consumers’ personal circumstances, while also supporting the adviser with recommendations for that consumer. This can result in advisers being able to spend more time with clients and on business development activity. Businesses making effective use of paraplanning resources can see their margins and the quality of their advice increase, as well as their operation becoming more efficient.

Huntswood’s paraplanners have a measurable, positive effect on your business’s efficiency. Our paraplanning model has vastly improved productivity at a number of firms and has delivered cost efficiencies on average of 30%. This allows your advisers to spend more time with new and existing clients, strengthen relationships and provide an excellent standard of financial advice. The added advantage of working with Huntswood is the blend of expertise we have at our disposal.

All of our paraplanners are level 4 qualified and support advisers in ensuring suitable recommendations with the paperwork to back it up.

Huntswood’s paraplanning capabilities include:

  • Fully outsourced or co-sourced paraplanning functions with fully qualified and experienced experts, on your site or at our outsourced service centre
  • Stringent oversight of activity by experienced delivery managers, ensuring outstanding quality and a positive relationship with financial advisers and internal control functions
  • Faster completion of cases and with an extremely high rate of first-time-suitable recommendations (measured at 98.46% on previous client engagements)
  • Provision of detailed and actionable MI
  • Sourcing of permanent paraplanners for your in-house team

Key Benefits

  • Spend more time with clients and developing new business

  • Ensure a full audit trail, allowing evidence of suitability of recommendations to be retained


Why Huntswood

Long history of providing dedicated paraplanning teams to large wealth managers, managed by the client on site or by Huntswood at its outsourced service centre

Fully scalable solutions suitable for any size of organisation