A holistic approach to enhancing organisational performance


Deliver learning strategies and solutions with real impact

A learning and development strategy outlines how an organisation develops its capabilities, skills and competencies to remain successful and compliant. Historically, Learning and Development has been regarded as a cost centre, however a well-defined learning strategy plays a vital role in an organisation's overall business strategy.

 Huntswood’s Learning Consultancy team will partner with you to co-create learning strategies and solutions that demonstrate real value to your organisation by directly impacting business results, ensuring compliance, culture, good governance and improved employee engagement.


Do you need to understand why a team or department isn’t operating at its best?

We can identify and analyse all kinds of performance challenges through a mix of assessment techniques including interviews, observation and benchmark testing. We then recommend solutions for closing performance gaps, including learning and other talent strategies[FS2] .


Our learning strategies look at organisation-wide development throughout and across career levels. We can work with you to build learning pathways that clarify the performance and development route to competence, excellence, promotion and beyond.


We bring learning to life and increase performance by leveraging the right mix of solutions for your organisation and team. We specialise in engaging learning experiences where learners explore, practice and share what they come to know.

We customise our offerings based upon your specific needs, providing everything from off the shelf courses through to completely bespoke solutions, depending on your requirements:

  • Ready to go: we have a rapidly expanding catalogue of instructor-led and digital programmes ready to launch
  • Tailored: we work with you to adapt elements of our programmes to your specific environment, processes, scenarios and even language. We can also custom-build a programme that is unique to your organisational needs

Key Benefits

  • Support the delivery of good customer outcomes and, ultimately, the achievement of business goals

  • Reduce business risk by ensuring employees have up-to-date and robust regulatory knowledge

  • Increase employee engagement by investing in their development

  • Enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviours of your workforce and management


Why Huntswood

We offer a unique blend of regulatory, learning and performance improvement expertise

We take a holistic approach, engaging learners and their support network

Tailored learning strategies and solutions, specific to your environment, situation and goals