Mitigate against the ongoing threat of fraud


Fraud is acknowledged as posing a significant threat to firms, individuals and society.  Public opinion is increasingly shifting against firms that fail to adequately protect them against fraud, while at the same time, regulatory developments are increasing the relationship between fraud controls and those required to mitigate other risks (e.g. data security risks). Firms must therefore seek to continuously improve their anti-fraud controls whilst also ensuring that improvements drive even better experiences for their customers.

Our Financial Crime and Fraud Team blend broad experience with agility to offer a bespoke service to clients. The Team is further supported by our Financial Crime Advisory Panel members, who hold extensive, senior-level experience.

We are engaged with key industry bodies, actively helping to shape the financial crime debate, and ensuring we are on top of the issues that matter to our clients.

HOW WE help firms to mitigate FRAUD

We combine technology, expertise and specialist resource to develop and deliver tailored solutions for our clients to ensure risks are managed effectively and efficiently.

  • Expertise to design, evaluate, test and improve  - we ensure your firm’s response to the ongoing threat of fraud is appropriate, robust and effective. This includes assisting the design and implementation of controls, and the testing of the adequacy of controls. The work is benchmarked against regulation, legislation and industry best practice
  • End-to-end workflow solutions - our combined people and technology solutions provide our customers with highly efficient, high quality business processing. This includes screening, suspicion identification and customer risk rating solutions, which help firms to fast track low risk activities, identify suspicions and avoid duplicated controls
  • Behavioural analytics and predictive technology - we analyse patterns in business data and forecast future behaviour, enabling firms understanding of fraud to increase and controls to be enhanced
  • Skilled and experienced resource to investigate - where an incident has occurred, we provide qualified professionals to investigate, and recover losses where appropriate, all whilst ensuring lessons learned are adopted to enhance and build upon existing controls

Key Benefits

  • Gain assurance over your firm’s current approach, implementation plan and future approach

  • Mitigate legal, regulatory and reputational risk through identifying and addressing any areas of non-compliance early

  • Create a more effective operating model by effective use of robotics and skilled resource to support or outsource your existing function


Why Huntswood

Comprehensive understanding of fraud, and financial crime more widely, from a regulatory and operational perspective

Expertise and understanding of best practices to deliver the right balance of human resource and technology

Tailored solution – able to support on all aspects or specific elements as required