Transforming customer journeys for business and customer benefit 


In financial services the regulator continues to focus on the delivery of customer outcomes, identifying any customer harm that exists and holding firms and individuals to account where standards are not met. Firms need to find solutions which drive the right customer outcomes, deliver great customer experiences and demonstrate real cost efficiencies to the organisation. Reviewing end-to-end customer journeys through the customer, commercial and compliance lenses enables more effective holistic change.

A continuous improvement approach to transforming the operating model allows a firm to manage its risk exposure, reduce operational cost, deliver bottom line benefits, innovate and measure the lifetime value of a customer whilst driving retention, loyalty and brand reputation.

Activities such as outcomes testing, root-cause analysis, audit of quality assurance processes and specialised regulatory, operational and soft skills training can help a firm understand where these benefits can be realised. Innovative technology applications and alternative resource models can be used to deliver benefits through quality improvements coupled with cost efficiencies.

Huntswood provides its clients with the expert support to build the business case for change, to design and implement transformation activities and to offer technology enabled resourcing solutions to meet business needs.

We support firms with:

  • Measuring the benefits of change through ongoing value assessment of the customer and staff engagement
  • Full diagnostic review and gap analysis of current approach or proposed plans
  • Design of a target operating model which takes into account the firm’s customer treatment strategy, regulatory obligations and business objectives
  • Benchmarking approaches against industry best practice
  • Practical implementation of a fully-bespoke operating model, including associated communications and training
  • Ongoing oversight of business activity through expert quality assurance and outcomes testing
  • Effective root cause analysis of any past issues, with results feeding into product and process design to enhance the customer proposition and experience
  • Delivery of innovative and efficient customer operational processes through our flexible outsourcing and resourcing options

Key Benefits

  • Continuous, data-driven improvement to processes and policies

  • Achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings, while protecting the provision of good customer outcomes

  • Increase employee engagement and adherence to policy and process 


Why Huntswood

Operational experts with deep understanding of the needs of both regulated firms and their customers

Focused on practical recommendations that achieve tangible and measurable operational efficiencies 

An approach that simultaneously enhances compliance and improves customer outcomes