Align culture and your firm’s strategic vision


Corporate culture and its effect on customer outcomes has always been high on the regulatory agenda. However, in recent years we have seen increasing focus on the link between culture and conduct. Firms need to be able to provide assurance to stakeholders, customers and regulators that their culture is fit for purpose to support strategic objectives and good customer outcomes. Being able to evidence a strong understanding of your culture, that it is monitored on a regular basis and that a transformation plan is in place where necessary is crucial.

The power of understanding culture goes far beyond the regulatory imperative. Culture underpins organisational performance through whichever lens you choose to examine it: commercial, customer, conduct or employee engagement. A strong culture aligned to the strategic vision of a firm will facilitate the effective delivery of short and long-term business objectives.


Our end-to-end culture assessment and transformation approach is modular and can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. We can evaluate your current culture, help you articulate the culture required for your firm to achieve its business objectives, and develop a comprehensive plan to embed this desired culture within your business.

Our assessment approach has two components:

  • Board and Executive Assessment – to provide a self-assessment of current organisational culture and an articulation of the desired culture
  • Huntswood Assessment – creating an in-depth review of culture from the perspective of employees through focus groups, management information, process review and cultural observations

By mapping the results of each assessment, we identify any misalignment between current and desired culture. We use this insight to form the basis of our transformation plan which sets out the key steps required to achieve the desired culture in the most rapid and effective way.

Key Benefits

  • Support the delivery of commercial objectives by ensuring cultural alignment to strategy
  • Deliver the right outcomes by ensuring customer strategy is reflected in organisational culture
  • A motivated workforce that are truly 'bought-in' to the organisation's vision

Why Huntswood

We can develop and tailor a plan to rapidly influence your individual culture. Our statistical approach makes culture tangible

Our experts have proven experience in driving cultural change; combined with deep understanding of the regulatory agenda

An approach based on current academic thinking (business psychology and behavioural science)